Speech and Language

Useful Books relating to Speech and Language Pathology
Book Title and Author(s)
Speech and language impairments in children : causes, characteristics, intervention, and outcome
Editors D V M Bishop; Laurence B Leonard
Translational speech-language pathology and audiology : essays in honor of Dr. Sadanand Singh
by Robert Goldfarb; Sadanand Singh
Phonetics: The Science of Speech
by Martin J. Ball, Joan Rahilly
Teaching children with speech and language difficulties
by Deirdre Martin
Uncommon Understanding : Development and Disorders of Language Comprehension in Children
by Dorothy V.M. Bishop
Childhood Language Disorders in Context : Infancy through Adolescence
by Nickola W. Nelson
Spoken Language Difficulties : Practical Strategies and Activities for Teachers and Other Professionals
by Lynn Stuart, Felicity Wright, Sue Grigor, Alison Howey
Practical Phonetics and Phonology : A Resource Book for Students
by Beverley Collins, Inger M. Mees
Aphasia and related neurogenic communication disorders
by Ilias Papathanasiou; Patrick Coppens; Constantin Potagas
Aphasia therapy workshop : current approaches to aphasia therapy : principles and applications
by Jacqueline Stark; Nadine Martin
Basic Medical Science for Speech and Language Therapy Students
by Martin Atkinson, Stephen McHanwell
Vowels and Consonants : An Introduction to the Sounds of Languages
by Peter Ladefoged

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